Dramatic Publishing Cuttings List

OK to Cut for Competition

November 08, 2005

[PB1] Pizza With Shrimp on Top

[AA3] The Abdication

[A28] Abra Cadaver

[A63] Accidental Friends

[A70] Across the Plains: The Journey of the Palace Wagon Family

[AB7] Act Your Age (Out of Print)

[A58] Acting Up!

[A10] Actors Talk About Theatre

[A27] Adam's Apple

[A11] Adrift in New York (or Her First False Step)

[A92] Adult American Males

[A35] The Adventure of Treasure Island

[A56] The Adventures of Beatrix Potter and Her Friends

[A50] Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

[A07] Adventures With Young King Arthur

[A42] The Adventures of Harlequin

[A16] The Adventures of Nate the Great

[A59] The Adventures of Peter Rabbit and His Friends (touring manuscript)

[A53] The Adventures of Peter Rabbit and His Friends

[A43] The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

[A82] After Darwin

[A76] After the Beep: Seven Short Plays

[A86] Afternoon of the Elves

[AA5] Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death

[A87] Ain't Nothing But a Thang

[A62] Alabama Rain

[A46] Aladdin

[A75] Alex and the Shrink World

[A83] Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

[AA9] Alexander, Who's Not Not Not Not Not Not Going to Move

[A47] Ali Baba and the Magic Cave

[A48] Alice in Wonderland (Chorpenning Version)

[A44] Alice in Wonderland (Glennon Version)

[A13] Alice in Wonderland (Martens Version)

[A01] Alice Through the Looking Glass

[A97] Alice's Blue Gown

[A66] Alicia in Wonder Tierra (or I Can't Eat Goat Head) (1 act

[A65] Alicia in Wonder Tierra (or I Can't Eat Goat Head) (full length)

[A45] Alien Equation

[A30] Alive and Kicking

[A02] All American

[A78] All I Really Need to Know I Learned In Kindergarten

[A25] All in Disguise

[A40] All My Husbands

[A23] All Out

[AA8] All Out (1-act manuscript version)

[A93] All Things Being Equal

[A33] All Through the House

[AA7] Aloysius and the Ghost of Uncle Harold

[A90] Alter Egos

[A64] Amazing Grace

[A54] Amelia Earhart

[A37] Amelia Lives

[A57] American Beauty

[A77] American Beauty (Musical)

[A95] Anastasia Krupnik

[A55] And Flights of Angels

[A31] And a Nightingale Sang

[A71] Androcles and the Lion

[A61] Angel in the Night

[A09] Angels

[AB2] Angels and All Children (manuscript)

[AB6] Animal Farm

[A06] Animal Farm

[A17] Anna Karenina

[A79] Anna Weiss

[A68] Anne Frank and Me

[A67] Anne Frank and Me (70-minute manuscript)

[Q94] Anne Frank and Me (Study Guide)

[A72] Anne of Avonlea

[A41] Anne of Green Gables (straight)

[A08] Anne of Green Gables (musical)

[A49] Answers From the Center of the Universe About Things Unknown

[A51] The Thebans: Antigone

[A85] Any Body Home?

[A36] Any Famous Last Words?

[A91] April

[A18] The Arabian Nights

[AB1] Archipelago

[A60] Arrivals

[AA2] The Ash Girl

[A29] Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down

[A20] Ask Any Girl (Play)

[A26] Atalanta

[A38] An Audition Handbook of Great Speeches

[A21] Audition Scenes for Students : Volume I

[A22] Audition Scenes for Students : Volume II

[A88] Auschwitz Lullaby

[A24] An Open and Shut Case

[B69] Babes in Gangland

[B06] Babes in Toyland

[B10] The Babies

[B81] Baby Grand

[B98] Back Story

[BB3] Backsliding in the Promised Land

[B01] The Bad Children

[B02] Bajour

[B62] Baker's Dozen

[BB2] Ballad Hunter

[B84] The Barnhouse Effect

[B74] Bathers

[B12] Bats in the Belfry

[B64] Beauty and the Beast

[B65] Beauty of the Dreaming Wood

[B09] The Beggar's Opera

[B13] Belles on Their Toes

[B92] Belongings

[B83] Belongings and Longings

[BA2] The Beloved Dearly

[B52] Beloved Friend

[B97] Bereft

[B50] Bernice Bobs Her Hair

[BB7] Best Foot Forward (Out of Print)

[B78] The Best of Thespian Playworks: Volume 1

[B85] Best Student One Acts: Volume 4

[B89] Best Student One Acts: Vol. 5

[B94] Best Student One Acts: Volume 6

[BA6] Best Student One Acts: Volume 7

[B04] The Best of Broadway (Mus)

[B16] The Beverly Hillbillies

[B71] Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

[B49] Big Bucks

[B18] Big Rock at Candy's Mountain

[B07] Big Tush, Little Tush (mus)

[B20] Bingo

[BA4] Bird Woman: The Story of Sacagawea

[B56] The Birds

[B21] The Birthday Present

[B45] Bitter and Sweet

[B53] Blabbermouth

[B80] Black Elk Speaks

[B22] Black Elk Speaks

[B72] Black Nativity

[BB1] Blackbirds and Dragons, Mermaids and Mice

[B59] Bleeders

[B25] Bless Me, Father

[B95] Blind Harassment

[B48] Blindspot

[B79] Blitzen!

[B63] Blue Horses

[B44] Blue Stocking

[BA9] Blue Surge

[B43] Bluebeard Had a Wife (out of print - manuscript available)

[B36] Bocon!

[BA7] Boid & Oskar

[B17] The Boiler Room

[B96] A Bomber's Love Story

[B86] Bondagers

[B77] Boo! Thirteen Scenes From Halloween

[B82] Book Keeping

[BA3] The Book of Ruth

[B61] Bored Stiff

[B90] The Bow-Wow Club

[B66] a boy and his piano

[BA5] Boy Gets Girl

[B03] The Boy Who Cried Wolf (musical)

[B19] The boy who stole the stars

[B29] The Boy Who Wouldn't Play Jesus

[B60] The Boys in Autumn

[B30] Boys and Ghouls Together

[B88] Boys' Play

[B68] Braille: The Early Life of Louis Braille

[B31] The Brass Butterfly

[B32] Brave New World

[B54] Break a Leg!

[B38] Breaker Calling Cinderella (Out of Print / Manuscript Available)

[B75] Breaking and Entering

[B58] Bring Me Smiles

[B70] Broken Hearts

[B93] The Brontes: Eccentric Lives

[B91] Brooding and Dangerous

[B34] Brother Goose

[B08] Bubbe Meises, Bubbe Stories

[B47] The Bundle

[BA8] Bunnies

[B87] Burning Up the Stage: Monologues, Audition Pieces and Short Scenes for Actors from Six to Seventy

[B35] But Listen!

[BA1] Buzz

[B37] By the Waters of Babylon

[C44] Cagebirds

[C61] Cake and Sippin' Whiskey

[CA3] Calabasas Street

[C51] The Calamityville Terror

[C71] The Canterville Ghost

[C10] A Canticle for Leibowitz

[C65] Captain's Outrageous

[CB2] Capture the Moon

[C94] Car Pool

[C67] Cards, Cups and Crystal Ball

[C88] A Carol for Tiny Tim

[C11] The Case of Humanity vs. Pontius Pilate

[C77] A Cask of Honey

[C40] Castaway

[CC1] Cathy's Creek

[C13] The Cave Cat

[C90] The Cay

[C83] Cecily

[C14] Cemeteries Are a Grave Matter

[C82] Cerceau

[C15] A Certain Just Man

[C85] The Chancellor's Tale

[CB7] Chanticleer and the Fox

[C16] The Charge is Murder (Non-royalty)

[C03] Charlie and Algernon

[C53] Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

[C64] Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

[C06] Charlotte's Web (musical)

[C58] Charlotte's Web (straight)

[C63] Charlotte's Web (small cast touring)

[C01] Cheaper by the Dozen (musical)

[C18] Cheaper by the Dozen (Straight)

[C87] The Cherry Orchard

[C72] The Chest of Dreams

[C62] A Child's Christmas in Wales

[C68] Children of the Southern Pacific

[C98] Chimps

[CD3] China Doll (The Imagined Life of an American Actress)

[CA6] The Chocolate War

[C89] The Choice

[C81] Choices

[CA5] The Christmas Angel

[CD4] The Christmas Bus

[C07] A Christmas Carol

[C23] The Christmas Carol

[CA4] A Christmas Carol

[C42] The Christmas Corral

[C70] Christmas Dreams

[C45] The Christmas Express

[C04] Christmas Is for Children

[C49] The Christmas Miser

[CA9] A Christmas Story

[C43] Christmas in the Land of Oz

[CB1] Ciao, Baby!

[C74] Cinderella (musical)

[C73] Cinderella

[C25] The Cinderella Complex

[CB5] Cinderella Confidential

[C26] Cinderella of Loreland

[C27] Cinderella, Cinderella

[C92] Cinderina and the Corridors of Power

[C91] Circles of Grace

[CC3] Circus Time! (mus)

[CA7] Class Act

[C95] The Classic

[C20] The Clearing

[C76] Clockwork

[C52] Clowns' Play

[C46] The Clumsy Custard Horror Show

[C30] Comedy Is a Serious Business

[C31] Comedy of Errors

[CA8] Comfort and Joy

[C17] Concerned Citizens

[C55] The Conference of the Birds

[CA1] Confessions of Women From East L.A.

[CA2] Confessions

[C32] Conversation at Night With a Despised Character

[C02] The Coolest Cat in Town

[C33] The Cop and the Anthem

[C05] Cotton Patch Gospel

[C93] Could Angels Be Blessed

[C09] A Country Christmas Carol

[C99] A Coupla Bimbos Sittin' Around Talkin'

[CB4] Credible Witness

[C75] The Cricket on the Hearth

[CB8] Crime and Punishment

[C36] Crosspatch

[CD5] Crossroads (mus)

[C37] Crown Matrimonial

[C79] Fairy Tales for Theater

[C80] Curse of the Werewolf

[C59] Curtain Call

[C97] Cyra and Rocky

[CB3] Cyrano

[C41] Cyrano de Bergerac

[D55] Dad's Christmas Miracle

[D48] Dags

[D89] Daisy in the Dreamtime

[D03] The Daly News

[D71] Dancing in Cleo's Cafe

[D65] Dancing Solo

[D29] The Dancing Spider

[D58] Dancing the Box Step

[D59] Dancing With Strangers

[D43] Dandelion Wine

[D47] Dark Lady (out of print - manuscript available)

[D84] David Copperfield

[D49] The Day It Rained Forever

[D39] The Day Paul Newman Came to Call

[D28] The Day They Kidnapped the Pope

[D10] The Day the Flowers Came

[D81] The Day the Rooster Didn't Crow

[D57] Dead

[D75] Deadly Weapons

[D41] Dear and Glorious Physician

[D12] The Death and Life of Larry Benson

[D67] The Death and Sale of Alexander Goland

[D60] Death and Taxes

[D40] Death in Scarsdale

[D68] The Death of the Black Jesus

[D13] The Death of the Hired Man

[D62] Deep Blue Funk

[D78] Degas' Little Dancer

[D56] Dejavu

[D14] Denial

[D90] Designer Genes

[D23] Detective Sketches & Other Plays

[D44] A Device Out of Time

[D74] Devon's Hurt

[D83] The Diaries

[D15] The Diary of Adam and Eve

[D16] Dino

[D17] The Dinosaur Play

[D63] The Discipline Committee

[D22] Do's and Dont's of Drama

[D18] Doctor Dolittle

[D36] The Doctor in Spite of Himself

[D73] Doctor, Doctor!

[D19] A Doll's House

[D66] Don Juan on Trial

[D38] Don't Count on Forever

[D76] Don't Encourage Him

[D20] Don't Take My Penny

[D21] Don't Tell a Soul

[D27] Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

[D32] Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz - musical (Out of Print / Manuscript Available)

[D51] Dorothy Meets Alice or The Wizard of Wonderland

[D82] Dorothy Meets Alice or The Wizard of Wonderland

[D04] Dot and Tot of Merryland (mus)

[D35] Dracula

[D01] Dracula Baby

[D54] Dracula: The Death of Nosferatu

[D77] Dragon Flies

[D50] The Dragon of Nitt

[D53] Dragon of the Winds

[D30] The Dream Thief

[D02] The Dream on Royal Street

[D80] The Dreaming of Aloysius

[D42] Dreamwalk

[D79] Drive-In America

[D70] Duet Scenes for Competition and Performance-Volume I

[D37] Dumb Luck

[E31] East of the Sun

[E10] Easy Skits, Blackouts and Pantomimes (Non-royalty)

[E32] Eating Chicken Feet

[E25] Echoes

[E12] Ed Opus (Rex)

[E01] The Education of H*Y*M*A*N K*A*P*L*A*N

[E43] Edward, the Owl and the Calico Cat.

[E14] The Egg and I

[E27] The Eighth Order

[E26] Einstein

[E33] El Quinto Sol

[E24] Elaine's Daughter

[E37] The Emerald Circle

[E36] Emma

[E02] The Emperor's New Clothes

[E23] Encounter

[E39] The Engagement

[E15] The Entertainer

[E35] Entries

[E16] Episode on an Autumn Evening

[E17] Epitaph for George Dillon

[E46] Eric and Elliot

[E42] Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit

[E19] Everybody's Christmas Program (Non-royalty)

[E49] Everyday Heroes

[E21] Everyman/Everywoman

[E29] Everything's Relative

[E30] Evil Little Thoughts

[E40] Excavating Mom

[E18] The Exception

[F63] 411 Joseph

[F06] 45 Minutes From Broadway

[F01] The Fabulous Fable Factory

[F82] The Fabulous Fable Factory (str)

[F93] The Face of Emmett Till

[F81] Faces of Freedom

[F35] Fahrenheit 451

[F77] A Fair Affair

[F57] The Fair Maid of the West

[F48] Fairy Tales for Theater

[F10] Faith, Hope and Cyanide

[F78] Fall From Grace

[F56] The Fall of the House of Usher

[F55] The Falling Moon

[F42] Falling Upward

[F51] False Admissions

[F33] Fame

[F79] Familiar

[F32] The Family Jewels

[F14] A Family Man

[F11] The Family Nobody Wanted

[F83] Family Tree

[F40] The Fantastic Mr. Fox

[F92] The Fantastic Return of the Fabulous Fable Factory (mus)

[F87] The Fastest Woman Alive

[F75] The Father Clock

[F13] Father Knows Best

[F03] Fear of Filing

[F70] Ferris Wheel

[F24] The Fifth Sun (large-cast ensemble)

[F53] The Fifth Sun (One Act)

[F38] The Fifth Sun (full length)

[F15] The Fig Connection

[F80] Fighting Words

[F20] Figments

[F16] Final Play

[F39] The Final Trial of Richard III

[F46] The Fir Tree

[F72] Fire Works!

[F50] The First Human Impalement Act in These Here Parts

[F62] First Love

[F68] The First Men in the Moon (manuscript)

[F69] The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew

[F58] Flambee

[F84] Flavia and the Dream Maker (The Musical)

[F18] A Flea in Her Ear

[F60] Flesh and Blood

[F19] Flight Into Danger

[F47] Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said

[F28] Flowers for Algernon (1 act)

[F21] Flowers for Algernon (full length)

[F36] The Flying Machine

[F59] Food for the Dead and La Pinta

[F22] The Fool

[F65] The Foot Peddler

[F43] Forest Song

[F88] The Forgiving Harvest

[F09] The Fourth Wise Man

[F49] FrUiTCaKeS

[F61] Francis and the Biograph Girl

[F66] Frank's Life

[F31] Frankenstein (1 act)

[F30] Frankenstein (full length)

[F08] Frankenstein Unbound

[F95] Fraternity

[F71] Free Like Br'er Rabbit

[F89] Free Man of Color

[F54] Freedom Is My Middle Name

[F45] Friday's Child

[F04] Froggie Went A'Courtin'

[F86] From the Mississippi Delta

[F64] Fun

[F26] The Further Adventures of Maide Marian

[G10] G.B. Essence of Women

[G45] Game Show

[G59] Gangster Apparel

[G11] A Gap in Generations

[G70] The Garden of Rikki Tikki Tavi

[G51] Gardinia's 'n' Blum

[G74] Gary Grinkle's Battles With Wrinkles and Other Troubles in Mudgeville

[G44] Gas and Candles

[G01] Gaslight Girl

[G29] A Gazebo for My Lady

[G12] Genesis

[G13] Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

[G72] Ger, The (The Convert)

[G36] Get Bill Shakespeare Off the Stage!

[G14] Get Smart

[G15] Get Witch Quick

[G04] The Gift of the Magi (musical)

[G20] The Gift of Tenyin

[G21] The Gift of the Magi

[G69] The Gift

[G05] Gilbert vs. Sullivan

[G22] The Gingerbread House in the Forest

[G23] Girl Crazy

[G41] The Girl in the Mirror (1 act)

[G35] The Girl in the Mirror

[G47] The Girl Who Was Asked to Turn Blue

[G40] Glimpses

[G73] The Glory of Living

[G32] Go Ask Alice (1 act)

[G24] Go Ask Alice

[G50] Go Back to Your Precious Wife and Son

[G58] God and Poker

[G49] The Golden Age (out of print - manuscript available)

[G64] Golden Arches

[G25] The Golden Goose

[G67] A Golden Opportunity

[G99] The Golden Stage: Teacher's Guide

[G62] The Golden Stage: Dramatic Activities for Older Adults

[G06] Goldilocks and the Christmas Bears

[G39] GOOD

[G71] Good Business

[G76] The Good Girl Is Gone (Manuscript)

[G07] Good Morning, Athens

[G77] Gooney Bird Greene and Her True Life Adventures

[G68] A Grand Entrance: Scenes and Monologues for Mature Actors

[G54] Graveyard Cleaning-off Day

[G56] Great Expectations

[G61] The Great Pandemonium

[G48] Great Peace

[G57] The Great Theatre of the World

[G78] Greek Holiday

[G52] Greensleeves' Magic

[G30] Gross Encounters of the Worst Kind

[G37] Guess Again-Mus O/P

[G63] Gun-Shy

[G66] Gunslinger Motel

[G53] A Gypsy Tale

[H38] A-Haunting We Will Go

[H41] Hale the Hero!

[H01] Half a Sixpence

[H10] Half-Pint Windom Rides West

[H56] Hallelujah Hopscotch (a play with music)

[H74] The Halloween Trilogy

[H11] Hamlet

[H66] The Handicapper General

[H04] Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates

[H58] Hansel and Gretel (Chorpenning Version)

[H59] Hansel and Gretel (Glennon Version)

[H36] Happy Daze

[H44] The Happy Holidays Collection: Seven Christmas Comedies for Children

[H82] The Happy Prince

[H02] The Happy Time

[H17] Hard Hearts

[H60] Harlequin Holds the Bag

[H79] Harvest Moon

[H12] The Haunted Auditorium

[H57] Haunted Houses

[H86] He Held Me Grand

[H89] A Heart Divided

[H72] Heartbreak

[H81] Hearts

[H91] The Heavenly Quarterback

[H69] Hecuba

[H13] Hedda Gabler (re-released)

[H67] Hedy Understands Anxiety

[H14] Heidi

[H07] Henny Penny

[H43] Henry and Ramona

[H16] Here and Now

[H87] Heubner the Reluctant

[H18] The High Chairs (Out of Print - Manuscript Available)

[H78] The Highest Heaven

[H19] Hillbilly Christmas Carol (Non-royalty)

[H49] Hisses, Boos & Cheers (Or, A Practical Guide to the Planning, Producing and Performing of Melodrama!)

[H50] Hit and Mis-Demeanor

[H37] The Hobbit

[H03] The Hobbit (Musical)

[H62] The Hobbit (Small Cast Touring Version)

[H22] The Hobbit (Large Cast Version)

[H05] Holy Moses!

[H71] Home Fires

[H25] Home Sweet Homicide

[H24] Home for Christmas

[H48] Home on the Mornin' Train

[H06] The Homecoming (musical)

[H23] The Homecoming

[H63] Homeward Bound

[H64] Honeymoon at Graveside Manor

[H27] The Honorable Urashima Taro

[H80] Hope 'n Mercy

[H28] Hopes and Words and Ordinary Things

[H20] Horse-Scents

[H30] Horseshoe Bend

[H08] Hotel d'Amour (mus)

[H31] House at Pooh Corner

[H90] House for Sale

[H84] House of the Seven Gables

[ld5] How I Spent My Life's Vacation

[H65] How Not to Write a Play

[H32] How To Audition

[H33] How to Direct the High School Play

[H42] How to Go Out on a Date in Queens

[H51] How To Make It in Showbiz (A Survival Kit)

[H34] How to Produce the Play

[H68] Hubie's Best Friend

[H61] Hucklebee and the Rhyming Mountain

[H35] Huckleberry Finn

[H54] Human Cannon

[H83] Humpty-Dumpty Is Missing! or The Mysterious Case of the Fallen Egg

[H45] Hush: An Interview With America

[I54] I Ain't Yo' Uncle: The New Jack Revisionist Uncle Tom's Cabin

[I85] I Just Stopped By to See the Man

[I37] I Know I Saw Gypsies

[I33] I Never Saw Another Butterfly (1 act)

[I22] I Never Saw Another Butterfly

[I49] I Remain...J. Austen

[I41] I Saved a Winter Just for You

[I32] I Was a Teen-Age Dracula

[I67] I Will Sing Life: Voices From the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

[I01] I'm Sorry the Bridge Is Out, You'll Have to Spend the Night

[I15] I'm a Fool

[I40] I'm a Stranger Here Myself

[I65] I, Lionel

[I38] Ice Milk

[I11] If Boys Wore the Skirts (Non-royalty)

[I12] If Girls Asked Boys for Dates (Non-royalty)

[I52] If It's Monday, This Must Be Murder!

[I10] If a Man Answers

[I88] If the Shoe Fits

[I39] The IK

[I30] The Illustrated Woman

[I17] The Imaginary Invalid

[I86] The Imaginators

[I47] An Implausible Claus

[I18] The Importance of Being Earnest

[I19] Impromptu Entertainments

[I21] In Celebration

[I42] In Sight

[I69] In Space

[I64] In Spite of Everything

[I44] In the Middle of Grand Central Station

[I82] In the Garden of Live Flowers

[I83] In the Garden of the Selfish Giant

[I62] In the Moonlight Eddie

[I20] Inadmissible Evidence

[I34] The Incredible Murder of Cardinal Tosca

[I55] Indiscretions

[I23] The Inexperienced Ghost

[I72] Inns and Outs

[I43] Inside Out-Upside Down (Out of Print / Manuscript Available)

[I50] International Deadline

[I61] The Interrogation of Nathan Hale by Captain John Montresor of HRM Expeditionary Forces

[I63] An Interview With a Scapegoat

[I57] Introduction to Drama: Student Manual (First Semester)

[I59] Introduction to Drama: Student Manual (Second Semester)

[I56] Introduction to Drama: Curriculum Guide and Teacher's Edition

[I81] Inventing Montana

[I26] The Investigation

[I27] The Invisible Dragon

[I66] The Invisible Man

[I76] The Invisible Man (manuscript)

[I78] The Irish Murderer

[I77] An Irish Play

[I29] It Happens Every Summer

[I46] It's Murder in the Wings!

[I51] It's a Wonderful Life

[I02] It's a Wonderful Life (musical)

[J29] Jack Frost

[J20] Jack and the Beanstalk

[J18] James and The Giant Peach

[J31] Jane Eyre

[J10] Jane Eyre (Out of Print / Manuscript Available)

[J38] Jane Eyre: Life at Lowood

[J11] January Thaw

[J23] Jerry Finnegan's Sister

[J40] Jessica's Will

[J19] Jigsaws

[J26] John Lennon & Me

[J04] Johnny Appleseed (mus)

[J21] Johnny Tremain

[J27] Journey Through Drama

[J32] Journey of the Sparrows

[J34] Journey to the Center of the Earth (manuscript)

[J01] JOY!

[J36] Julia

[J24] The Jungle Book

[J30] Just Before Sleep

[J35] Just Desserts

[J17] Just One Day

[J37] The Just So Stories

[J03] The Just So Stories (musical)

[J25] Just a Stage He's Going Through

[J14] Just for Kicks

[K20] Kaleidoscope

[K23] Kamikaze Kate

[K24] Kate and Isabel

[K17] The Kid Nobody Could Handle

[K02] Kiddledywinks!

[K03] Kids Say the Darndest Things

[K21] The Killers

[K22] A Killin'

[K25] Kimchee and Chitlins

[K13] King Arthur's Calamity

[K01] King Cole and the Country Witches

[K15] The King Who Loved Lollipops

[K14] King of the Ice Cream Mountain

[K26] Kiss the Bride

[K18] Klondike Kalamity

[K27] The Knee Desires the Dirt

[K28] Knock Me a Kiss

[L71] La Dispute

[L82] La Llorona Llora

[L85] Food for the Dead and La Pinta

[L90] La Posada (The Inn)

[LC3] La Vie Ennui (mus)

[LD4] The Labors of Hercules Fitch

[L11] Ladies of the Tower

[L81] Lady of the Camellias

[L80] Lamia

[LC1] Lamia (Professional Manuscript)

[L92] The Land of Little Horses

[L70] The Largest Elizabeth in the World

[LB8] The Largest Elizabeth in the World (Longer-version manuscript)

[L14] Larry's Favorite Chocolate Cake

[L08] The Last Christmas Carol (musical)

[L84] The Last Leaf

[L96] Last Lists of My Mad Mother

[LA1] The Last Paving Stone

[L97] The Last Touchy-Feely Drama on the American Stage (and Other Plays)

[L38] The Late Great Me

[L52] Laughing Once More

[LD5] A Laura Ingalls Wilder Christmas

[L13] Lear

[L89] Learn Me Somethin'

[L50] The Leather Belt

[L15] The Ledge, the Ledger and the Legend

[L76] The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Shultz Miller version)

[LB6] The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Arnault version)

[L60] The Lemonade Stand

[L57] Les Miserables

[LB5] Les Trois Dumas

[L42] Let It Rain

[L74] Letters to a Student Revolutionary

[L58] Letters to an Alien: A Play of Commemoration

[L88] The Libertine

[L75] The Lie

[L53] Life Is Only 7 Points

[LB2] Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

[LC7] Life in the Fat Lane

[L77] Life's a Dream

[L73] A Life

[L64] The Light in the Mill

[LB3] Like Bees to Honey

[L22] Lily Daw and the Three Ladies

[LC5] Lily Plants a Garden

[L56] Limbo

[L24] The Lion Who Lost His Roar

[L54] The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2 Character Version)

[L62] The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

[L23] The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

[L79] The Little Mermaid

[L63] Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes

[L72] Seven Fairy Tales for Theater

[L01] Little Orphan Angela (or The Magician's Dirty Tricks!)

[L05] The Little Prince (Musical)

[L06] The Little Prince (Large Cast Musical)

[LA4] The Little Prince (Large Cast)

[L93] The Little Prince

[L40] A Little Princess

[L25] Little Red Riding Hood

[L09] Little Red Riding Hood and the Magic Dragon (mus)

[L49] Little Red Snares the Wolf

[L66] The Little Snow Girl

[L27] Little Women

[L95] Little Women of Orchard House

[LA9] Little Women: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy

[L02] The Littlest Angel (musical)

[L26] The Littlest Angel

[LD3] Live Drawing: A Portrait of the Mona Lisa

[L65] The Live Music

[L67] Living Doll

[LB4] Local CelebrIties

[L99] Lockers

[L78] The Long Red Herring

[L61] Long Walk to Forever

[L29] Look Back in Anger

[LC6] Looking Through You

[L30] Lost Horizon

[LA3] The Lost World (manuscript)

[L31] The Lottery

[L32] Louder, I Can't Hear You

[L55] Love by the Bolt

[L51] Love Is a Hot Fudge Sundae

[L68] The Love of the Nightingale

[L69] Love, Death and the Prom

[LB1] Lover Boy and Other Plays

[L34] Lovers

[L98] Lovers and Executioners

[L35] Lovers in Midsummer

[L47] The Lovesick Computer

[LA7] The Luckiest Girl in the World

[L45] Lunacy

[L03] Lurking on the Railroad (or Will She Give Him a Wide Berth?)

[L36] Lute Song

[L37] Luther

[LD8] la ofrenda (the offering)

[MB8] Macbeth: A Kid's Cautionary Tale Concerning Greed, Power, Mayhem and Other Current Events

[ME8] Madeline's Christmas

[M69] Magdalene

[M09] The Magic Fishbone

[M10] The Magic Flute

[M75] The Magic Horn

[M12] Magic Theatre

[M45] Magic Theatre II

[M54] Magic Theatre III

[M07] The Magic Toyshop

[MC8] The Magical Pinata

[M57] The Magician's Nephew

[M86] The Magician's Nephew (touring version)

[M13] The Make-Up Artist

[M94] Make-Up Stories

[M55] Making Choices

[M14] A Man Called Peter

[MB7] The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg

[M47] The Man Who Died and Went to Heaven

[MD9] The Man With Bogart's Face (radio playbook)

[M81] The Man Who Lost the River

[MB9] The Man With Bogart's Face

[M16] The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

[M17] Many Moons

[M18] Marat-Sade

[MB3] Maricela de la Luz Lights the World

[M97] The Marriage Fool

[M64] The Martian Chronicles

[M20] The Marvelous Playbill

[M46] M*A*S*H (1 act)

[M21] M*A*S*H

[MD2] Mask of the Unicorn Warrior

[M22] The Mask

[M43] May the Farce Be with You

[ME5] Maybe Baby, It's You

[M83] The Mayor of Zalamea

[M78] Me and My Friend

[M24] Meet Me in St. Louis

[M08] Melissa and the Magic Nutcracker

[MC4] Melvin the Pelican

[M65] Memories of Christmas - Readings

[M52] Memory

[MB2] The Memory Club of America

[MB5] Men on the Verge of a His-panic Breakdown

[M29] A Merry Medieval Christmas!

[MA3] The Messenger

[M25] The Meteor

[M89] Middleton Zephyr

[ME2] A Midnight Cry: The Underground Railroad to Freedom

[M26] A Midsummer Night's Dream

[MD1] A Midsummer Night's Dream or The Night They Missed the Forest for the Trees

[M90] The Migrant Farmworker's Son

[M56] Mike's Case

[M88] The Mill on the Floss

[M27] Mimsy Were the Borogoves

[MC6] Mint Juleps

[M96] Miracle on 34th Street

[M53] Mirrors

[M28] The Miser

[MD5] Miss Havisham's Expectations

[MA4] Miss Nowhere Diner

[M82] Miss Temptation

[ME3] Mississippi Pinocchio (mus)

[M77] Mixed Emotions

[M59] Mixed Nuts

[M85] Miz Lena's Backyard

[M68] Moby Dick

[MA6] Moby Dick (50-minute manuscript)

[MA9] Molly's Delicious

[M66] A Moment in Time

[MC9] Monday Always Leads to Murder

[MD3] Monky Business (mus)

[MD6] Monky Business II: Back in the Sandals Again! (mus)

[M98] Monologues for Competition and Performance-Volume I

[M71] The Monsters Under the Bed

[M50] Moongirl

[M33] More Perfect Union

[M92] More Stage Dialects

[M70] More Stately Mansions

[M73] The Most Beautiful Star

[MA7] Most Wanted

[M34] Mother Is a Freshman

[MC3] Mothering Heights

[M36] The Mouse That Roared

[M37] The Mouse Who Didn't Believe in Santa

[M35] The Mouse on Mars

[MD4] The Movie Game

[MC7] Moving Day

[MC1] Mr. Clemens and Mr. Brown

[M58] Mister Lincoln

[M01] Mr. Scrooge

[M31] Mr. Winkler's Birthday Party

[M63] Ms. Scrooge

[M80] The Muddleheaded Kingdom

[MC5] Muerte en la Menta (Death on My Mind)

[M93] The Mummy Musical

[M79] Murder Most Fouled-Up

[ME1] Murder Plot

[M40] Murder Takes the Veil

[M61] Murder by Natural Causes

[M39] Murder on Center Stage

[MA8] Murder's Bad But Monday Can Kill You!

[MD8] The Music Lesson

[M76] My Friend, the Fox

[ME4] My Night at Jacques' (mus)

[MA5] My Night With Reg

[MA2] My Sin and Nothing More

[M72] My Son the Lawyer is Drowning

[N15] 1984

[N46] Nagasaki Dust

[N01] Narnia (musical)

[N02] Narnia (touring musical)

[N30] Narrow Road to the Deep North

[N54] Nathan the Wise

[N25] Nativity Play

[N10] The Necklace

[N26] Neighborhood Crime Watch

[N40] Never Come Morning

[N11] Never Mind What Happened, How Did It End?

[N12] Never Trust a Man (Non-royalty)

[N41] Nevermore!

[N33] New Anatomies

[N44] New Monologues for Mature Actors

[N39] Newton's Second Law

[N23] Next Door

[N29] Nicholas Nickleby (1 act)

[N27] Nicholas Nickleby

[N53] Nicky's Secret

[N50] The Night No One Died

[N32] NigHt of tHe pterodActyls

[N04] The Nightingale

[N13] Nightmare

[N14] Nine Girls

[N18] No Boys Allowed

[N28] No Crime Like the Present

[N24] No Fading Star

[N19] No Opera at the Op'ry House Tonight (or Too Good to Be True)

[N43] No Problem

[N37] No Wider Than the Heart

[N49] Noonie's Masterpiece in Purple

[N47] North Star

[N34] The Northern Monkey

[N31] Not Fit to Print

[N48] Not in the Stars

[N51] Nothing But the Truth

[N56] Nothing Is the Same

[N03] Number the Stars (Musical)

[N45] Number the Stars

[N22] The Nutcracker

[O60] 1,001 Afternoons in Chicago

[O54] O Christmas Three!

[O07] O Pioneers!

[O10] An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

[O35] Odds in My Favor

[O59] The Odyssey

[O49] The Thebans: Oedipus Tyrannos

[O50] The Thebans: Oedipus at Kolonos

[O47] Of All the Wide Torsos in All the Wild Glen

[O06] Ogre Here, Ogre There

[O52] Oh, Holy Allen Ginsberg

[O11] Oh, What a Tangled Web

[O44] Old-Fashioned Miracles

[O53] Old Goat Song

[O48] The Old Lady's Guide to Survival

[O61] Oliver Twist

[O05] On Time

[O46] On the Shore of That Beautiful Shore

[O36] On With the Shrew!

[O29] Once Upon a Shoe or The Rhymes and Mimes of Mother Goose and Her Traveling Troubadours

[O04] Once Upon a Shoe or The Rhymes and Mimes of Mother Goose and Her Traveling Troubadours (musical)

[O40] Once Upon a Summertime

[O62] Once Upon a Vine

[O28] Once, in the Time of Trolls

[O66] One Bad Apple (mus)

[O13] One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

[O58] One Day at the Zoo

[O14] One Foot in Heaven

[O15] One Woman Show

[O16] Onions in the Stew

[O17] The Open Window

[O56] Opened Mail

[O18] Opening Night

[O39] Ordinary People

[O63] Othello or Tracking the Green-eyed Monster

[O67] The Othello

[O34] The Other Shakespeare

[O21] The Other Side of the Wall

[O22] The Other Wise Man

[O23] Our American Cousin

[O02] Our Hearts Were Young and Gay (musical)

[O24] Our Hearts Were Young and Gay

[O26] Our Miss Brooks and the Christmas Carol

[O03] Our Miss Brooks (musical)

[O25] Our Miss Brooks

[O27] The Outcasts of Poker Flat

[O41] The Outsiders

[O37] Over and Up

[O20] The Overcoat

[O55] Oz

[P10] Paint the Town Pink

[P11] A Pair of Lunatics

[P12] Pajama Party (Non-royalty)

[P64] Pandora's Revenge

[P13] Pantomimes 101

[P50] Pantomimes 102

[P14] Papa Was a Preacher

[P89] Papa's Blues

[P54] The Paper Chase

[P88] Paper Walls

[P98] Park Angel

[P93] Parlor Games

[P69] Pass My Imperfections Lightly By

[P65] Passage

[P09] The Patchwork Girl of Oz

[P48] Paul's Case

[P83] Pearl and May at the Bowling Alley

[P57] The Pearl (1 act)

[P18] The Pearl (optional mus)

[PA3] Pecos Bill and the Ghost Stampede

[PA9] Penny Candy

[P20] The People vs. Maxine Lowe

[P21] The Perfect Idiot

[P51] The Perils of Lulu

[PA2] Perseus Bayou (mus)

[P87] Pets!

[P08] The Phantom of the Opera (musical)

[P45] Phantom of the Opera

[P19] The Phoenix Dimension

[P53] Phone Call (OP)

[P62] Picnic at Hanging Rock

[P67] The Pied Piper of Hamelin

[P23] The Pied Piper

[P35] Pill Hill

[P24] Pillow Talk

[P25] Pinch Me

[P52] The Pink Panther Strikes Again!

[P44] Pinocchio (Glennon Version)

[P27] Pinocchio (Stone Version)

[P28] Pioneer, Go Home

[PA5] The Pirates of Penzance (mus)

[PA1] Pixies, Kings and Magical Things: Four Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

[P04] Places, Please

[P46] The Planet of the Perfectly Awful People

[P94] The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks

[P81] The Play Book: Complete Guide to Quality Productions for Christian Schools and Churches

[P31] Play Strindberg

[P86] Playing Juliet/Casting Othello

[P66] Playing Period Plays

[P59] Playing for Time

[P63] Playing the Palace

[P95] Plays in Ten

[P32] Playwrights Talk About Writing

[P85] Playwriting: A Manual for Beginners

[P75] Please Don't Go Back Where You Came From

[P58] Please Hang Up

[P33] The Plum Tree

[P43] A Point of View

[P91] Polaroid Stories

[P34] Pop Reads the Christmas Carol

[P55] Popcorn

[P22] Portrait of a Nude

[P71] Portrait of a Woman

[P80] the Portrait the Wind the Chair

[P61] Postponing the Heat Death of the Universe

[P41] The Potman Spoke Sooth

[P84] Precious Bane

[P36] Pride and Prejudice

[P42] The Prime Time Crime

[P74] The Prince and the Pauper (musical)

[P37] The Prince and the Pauper

[P56] Prince Rabbit

[P99] The Prince

[P90] The Princess and the Pea, No TV, and Other Plays

[P06] The Princess and the Pauper

[P38] The Princess Who Would Not Marry

[P82] The Principality of Sorrows

[P39] Professor, How Could You!

[P72] A Promise Is a Promise

[Q16] Quazimodo!

[Q14] The Quiet Place

[QB2] The Quiltmaker's Gift

[R44] The Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings

[R62] The Radiance of a Thousand Suns: The Hiroshima Project

[R72] Radium Girls

[R04] Rafferty Rescues the Moon

[R32] Raggedy Ann and Andy

[R70] Rainy Day People

[R10] Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys!

[R54] Ramona Quimby

[R11] The Ransom of Red Chief

[R55] Rappaccini's Daughter

[R52] Rats

[R59] Real Life

[R60] Real Women Have Curves

[R12] Rebel Without a Cause

[R39] Red Black and Ignorant

[R34] The Red House Mystery

[R05] Red Riding Hood: A Vaudeville Romp! (mus)

[R58] The Red River Haint

[R42] The Red Rose

[R47] The Red Shoes

[R41] Reduced for Quick Sale

[R06] Redwall: The Legend of Redwall Abbey

[R36] Rehearsal for Murder

[R50] The Reluctant Dragon

[R13] The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners

[R68] The Rememberer

[R28] Requiem for the Innkeeper

[R14] Rest in Peace

[R38] Rest Stop

[R35] Restoration

[R26] The Revenge of the Space Pandas or Binkey Rudich and the Two-Speed Clock

[R66] Ride of a Lifetime

[R16] The Right Kind of House (Out of Print / Manuscript Available)

[R17] Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

[R01] The Ring of the Fettuccines

[R45] Rip Van Winkle

[R56] Ripe Conditions

[R29] Rites

[R03] The River of Birds

[R43] The Rivers of China

[R53] Riverview, Tape 23

[R20] The Robe of the Galilean

[R19] The Robe

[R76] Rock Shore

[R21] The Rocking-Horse Winner

[R31] Rome Is Where the Heart Is

[R74] Romeo and Juliet or The Old "You-Know-I-Really-Love-You-But-My-Father-Really-Hates-You" Blues

[R71] Romeo and Juliet Together (and Alive!) At Last

[R63] Romeo and Juliet

[R33] A Rose for Emily

[R40] Rough Night at the North Pole

[R73] Rounding Third

[R51] Rowing to America: The Immigration Project

[R69] Rumble Fish

[R02] Rumpelstiltskin

[R25] Runaways

[R67] Running in the Red

[R07] Rush! (mus)

[SH5] S.P.A.R.

[SC3] Sabina

[SK8] Sabina (professional manuscript)

[SA8] The Sacred Hoop

[S10] The Saga of Katy

[SD9] The Sale

[SG3] Salt & Pepper

[S33] Sammy Carducci's Guide to Women

[S30] Santa's Christmas Tree

[SB5] Sara Crewe or What Happened at Miss Minchin's

[SG8] Sarah, Plain and Tall

[S78] Sarcophagus

[S77] Saturday, the 14th

[S64] Saved

[S11] Scapino! (One-Act)

[S12] Scapino! (Full-Length)

[S13] Scapino! (Production Book)

[SB6] The Scarlet Letter

[SE3] Scenes and Monologues for Young Actors

[S43] Scratch (Manuscript)

[S18] Screwtape

[S19] The Sea

[S85] The Seagull

[S21] The Search

[S35] Second Hand Kid

[S34] The Secret Garden (Crabtree Version)

[S26] The Secret Garden (Sterling Version)

[SK6] The Secret Lives of Toads

[SK7] The Seduction of Chaos

[SC9] Seen

[SK9] Sense and Sensibility

[S79] A Separate Peace

[SB9] Seth's Anxiety

[S58] Seven Fairy Tales for Theater

[SE6] The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor - A Play with Music

[S25] Seventeenth Summer

[S92] Sex Lives of Superheroes

[SB7] Shake, Rattle and Rot (the Zombie Musical)

[S59] Shakespeare and the Indians

[SK5] The Shakespeare Project

[SD4] The Shakespeare Revue

[SA6] Shakin' the Mess Outta Misery

[SC5] Shame the Devil! An Audience with Fanny Kemble

[SC7] Shame the Devil! An Audience With Fanny Kemble (65-Minute Manuscript)

[S31] She Stoops to Conquer

[S32] Shel's Sister

[SA9] The Shepherds of Saint Francis

[S80] Sherlock Holmes' Great Grandson Goes Hollywood

[S27] The Ship to Shore Murder

[S22] Shooting Simone

[SC8] Short Stuff: Ten to Twenty Minute Plays for Mature Actors

[S05] Showdown at the Sugar Cane Saloon

[S09] Showdown at the Rainbow Ranch

[S03] Shrew!

[SG9] A Sick World

[SF6] Sid and Elsie

[SJ4] The Sign of the Four

[S28] Silent Snow, Secret Snow

[SB4] Simply Maria, or the American Dream

[S89] Sing Ho for a Prince (or Sleeping Beauty)

[S97] The Singer in the White Pajamas

[SD5] Single Jewish Female

[SG1] The Sins of Sor Juana

[S75] The Sire de Maletroit's Door

[SE5] Sketching the Soul

[SJ3] Skinflints and Scoundrels: Moliere's Miser (40-minute version)

[SJ2] Skinflints and Scoundrels: Moliere's Miser

[SH6] The Slave Dancer's Choice

[S01] Sleeping Beauty

[S39] Sleeping Beauty of Loreland

[S08] Sleeping Beauty: The Time-Traveler

[S63] Slight Indulgences (Manuscript)

[SF5] Slipping Him the Tongue

[SB8] Small Actors

[S41] The Small World of Millie McIvor

[SH2] The Smell of the Kill

[S96] Smile

[SD6] Smoke

[S17] Snap Judgments

[S93] Snatch a Falling Star

[S07] Sneakers

[S90] The Snow Queen and the Goblin

[S84] The Snow Queen

[SA7] Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Musical)

[S91] Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

[S42] Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs of the Black Forest

[S95] The Snows of Kilimanjaro

[S48] So You Want to be a Professional Actor

[S65] Soft Soap

[S94] Softy

[SE1] Some Say Fire

[S44] Some of My Best Friends Are Smiths

[SH8] Somebody Catch My Homework

[SG7] Something in the Air

[S71] Sometimes I Wake Up in the Middle of the Night

[SE7] The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood

[S37] Song for the Navigator

[S45] The Song of Bernadette

[S46] Song of Glory (Non-royalty)

[SE4] Song of Survival

[SH3] The Sorcerer's Apprentice

[SH4] Sounds of Silents (The Essanay Years)

[SH7] Soup du Jour (mus)

[SC2] Southern Discomfort

[SB2] Southern Girls

[SD3] Spellbound: A Musical Play on Words

[SF9] Spinning Into Butter

[S62] The Spirit of Christmas or The Story of Ernestina Scrooge

[S61] Spring Awakening

[SA5] Stage Dialects

[S86] Stagecraft 1 -- A Complete Guide to Backstage Work

[S87] Stagecraft 1 -- Workbook

[SB3] Stand and Deliver

[S50] Stardust

[S81] Stars in the Morning Sky

[S51] State Fair

[SB1] The Stick Wife

[S76] Sticks 'n Stones

[SC4] Still Life with Iris

[SG2] Still Life with Iris (60 minute manuscript)

[S69] The Sting

[S68] Stone Soup

[S52] Stone in the Road (OUT OF PRINT)

[SK4] Stories Gone Wilde

[SA3] Strands

[SE2] Stranger

[S53] Stranger With Roses

[S55] Street Mime

[SK2] String of Pearls

[SA1] Stuart Little (Musical)

[S99] Stuart Little

[S54] The Stuck Pot

[S70] Success

[S82] Successful Strategies

[S66] Such a Nice Little Kitty

[SD7] Sueno

[S67] Summer

[S56] The Summer People

[S57] The Summons of Sariel

[SF3] Sun Yat Sen In the Mouth of the Dragon

[SL4] Sun Yat Sen in the Mouth of the Dragon (Chinese translation - manuscript)

[SA4] Sunday Dinner

[SC6] Sunday Gold

[S14] Sunday, Sunday

[SJ5] Surviving Lunch

[SD8] Sweet Nothing in My Ear

[T21] The $39 Man

[TE7] 10 by 10

[T95] T-Money & Wolf

[T64] Take Five

[TE2] Take Two

[T11] The Tale That Wagged the Dog

[T47] A Tale of Sleeping Beauty

[T48] The Tale of the Frog Prince

[T31] A Tale of Two Cities

[T07] A Tale of Two Cities (Musical)

[TE6] Tales From The Daily Tabloid

[TB6] Tales of Molly Malloy

[T53] Tales of Trickery

[T92] Talking Bones

[T12] The Taming of the Shrew

[TF6] The Tangled Web

[T61] Tartuffe

[T13] Teacher's Favorite Christmas Book (Non-royalty)

[T14] Tear Along the Dotted Line

[TF2] Ted Kaczynski Killed People With Bombs

[T15] Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon

[T16] The Telltale Heart

[TE3] A Tempting Fate

[T17] Ten-Minute Theater

[TA4] Ten Minutes Till Christmas

[T63] Tender Lies

[TF1] The Terezin Promise

[T18] Thanks, Awfully (Non-royalty)

[T66] That Alien Touch

[TB9] Theatre for Young Audiences

[T83] Theme and Variations

[TD9] The Theory of Everything

[T71] These Men

[TE1] These Two Couples Went to Italy…

[T57] They Came From Somewhere

[TB1] They Sing Christmas Up In Harlem: A Lenox Avenue Christmas Carol

[T20] They'd Hang You in Nashville

[T72] Thin Air

[TB5] Things Can Always Be Worse!

[T73] This is a Test

[T94] Those Crazy Ladies in the House on the Corner

[T80] A Thousand Cranes

[TC9] A Thousand Words

[T24] The Thread That Runs So True

[T90] Three Birds Alighting on a Field

[T25] Three Fairy Godmothers

[T82] Three Murders and It's Only Monday!

[TD2] The Three Musketeers

[TD3] The Three Musketeers (youth theatre version)

[T26] Three Spinning Fairies

[TA9] Three the Hard Way

[T01] A Threepenny Christmas

[TD1] Through a Glass Onion

[T27] Thunder on Sycamore Street

[T22] The Ties That Bind

[TB8] The Tiger Turned Pink

[TB4] 'Til Death Do Us Plots

[T55] Time After Time

[TC5] The Time Machine

[T29] Time Present

[T97] A Time to Go Home

[T30] The Timid Dragon

[T74] The Tin Can People

[T78] Tinker Autumn

[T32] To Burn a Witch

[T86] To Destroy You Is No Loss

[T33] To Jesus, With Love

[T91] To Kill a Mockingbird - Org.

[T34] To Kill a Mockingbird - Revised

[TA8] To Moscow

[TC7] To See the Stars

[T75] To the Chicago Abyss

[T54] Tom Jones (1 act)

[T36] Tom Jones

[TD8] Tom Walker

[TD4] Tomato Plant Girl

[T88] Seven Fairy Tales for Theater

[TC3] The Town Mouse and Country Mouse

[T46] The Toys Take Over Christmas

[TE9] Training Wisteria

[T56] Trapped by a Treacherous Twin (or Double Trouble)

[T89] Travels With My Aunt

[T38] Treasure Island

[T02] Treemonisha

[T08] The Trial of Goldilocks (musical)

[T81] The Trial of Goldilocks

[TE5] The Trial of the Arkansas Bear

[TB3] The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf

[TA3] A Trick of the Light

[T39] Trip's Cinch

[T65] The Trip

[T40] The Trouble With Mothers (Non-royalty)

[TE4] The True Adventures of Pinocchio

[T51] The Truly Remarkable Puss-in-Boots

[T85] The Trumpet of the Swan

[T03] The Truth About Cinderella

[TA2] Tucker's Ridge

[TC6] The Turn of the Screw

[T42] Twelve Angry Men

[T43] Twelve Angry Women

[T04] Twelve Dancing Princesses

[TD6] The Twits

[T77] Two

[T44] Two Angels on Duty

[T76] Two Beers and a Hook Shot

[T45] Two Bottles of Relish

[TF3] Two Donuts

[T70] Two Horns and a Tale

[TA7] Two Husbands in Heaven

[TC8] Two Thieves in a Trap

[TD7] Two-Headed

[T60] A Typically Atypical Day

[U20] The Ugly Duckling

[U25] Uh-Oh, Here Comes Christmas

[U19] Unbeatable Harold

[U17] An Uncertain Hour

[U10] The Uncertain Samaritan

[U29] Uncle Earl

[U28] Uncle Vanya - Scenes from Country Life in Four Acts

[U22] Unconquered Spirits

[U24] Uncool

[U23] The Underground Venus

[U16] University

[U11] The Unknown Soldier

[U21] Unspoken For Time

[U12] Up the Down Staircase

[U13] Up the Rent

[U26] Upright

[U15] Us and Them

[V32] The Vacant Lot

[V21] Valentines and Killer Chili

[V19] The Veldt

[V27] The Velocity of Gary (Not His Real Name)

[V01] The Velveteen Rabbit (musical)

[V24] The Velveteen Rabbit

[V10] A Very Grammatical Family

[V11] The Very Great Grandson of Sherlock Holmes

[V18] Vice as in Versa

[V13] Vicky

[V20] Victor Hugo - In Rehearsal

[V12] Victoria at 18

[V26] The View From Sunset Towers

[V31] A Village Fable (60-minute version)

[V30] A Village Fable (90 Minute Version)

[V17] Vincent

[V15] Virtue Victorious (or Only a Mother's Love Could Save Him)

[V22] A Visit From St. Nicholas or The Night Before Christmas

[V33] Voices from the Shore

[V29] Voices from Ariel: Ten-Minute Plays Reflecting the Jewish Experience

[V23] Voices from Washington High

[V34] Vote?

[V28] The Vows of Penelope Corelli


[W81] Waiting Women

[W97] Waiting for MacArthur

[WA3] Waiting to Be Invited

[W80] The Wake

[W90] Wake-Up Call

[W22] Walking to Waldheim

[W52] The Wall Hanging

[W10] Was He Anyone?

[W13] We Shook the Family Tree

[WA4] We Will Remember: A Tribute to Veterans

[W02] Wee Pals

[W14] Weird Is the Night

[W75] Welcome to Four Way: The Town That Time Forgot

[W15] Welcome to the Monkey House

[W31] The Welfare Lady

[W16] Werewolf?

[W17] West of Pecos

[W51] What Women Want Most

[W83] What You Will

[W19] What Are We Going to Do With Mama?

[W98] What'd Ya Do Today, Billy Joe?

[W07] What's a Wolf to Do? (mus)

[W60] When the Cat Goes Away

[W49] Where It All Comes True (out of print - manuscript available)

[W40] Where the Lilies Bloom

[W94] Where's Julie?

[W23] Where's That Report Card?

[W85] Where's Your Stuff?

[W24] Which Is the Way to Boston?

[W91] Whiteout

[W46] Who Calls?

[W95] Who Loves You, Jimmie Orrio?

[W41] Who Am I This Time?

[W25] Whodunit (Non-royalty)

[W48] Whose Life Is It, Anyway (Female version)

[W43] Whose Life Is It, Anyway?

[W58] Why Do We Laugh?

[W79] Why We Have A Body

[W29] The Widow's Plight (Non-royalty)

[W33] The Wild Flowering of Chastity or Chaste Across the Stage

[W08] Wild Horse

[W92] Wildboy

[W66] Wiley and the Hairy Man

[W35] The Wind in the Willows

[W05] The Wind in the Willows (musical)

[W36] Winesburg, Ohio

[W55] Wings of the Dove (Out of Print)

[W01] Winnie-the-Pooh (musical)

[W72] Winnie-the-Pooh (small cast musical)

[W37] Winnie-the-Pooh

[W03] A Winnie-the-Pooh Christmas Tail [Birthday Tail]

[W77] Winter

[W69] The Winter of 1917

[W73] The Wise Men of Chelm

[W54] The Wish Peddler

[W70] The Witch and the Magic Mountain

[W38] Witch Hazel

[W68] The Witch's Lullaby

[W76] Within the Shadows

[W39] The Wizard of Oz

[W74] A Woman Called Truth

[W63] A Woman Called Truth (1 act)

[W78] Woman From the Other Side of the World

[W44] The Woman

[W84] Women of Courage: Five Plays by Joanna H. Kraus

[W50] The Women of Troy

[W59] The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit

[W61] The Wonderful Western Hat

[W93] Wonderful World

[W71] The Wooden Pear

[W53] The Worst High School Play in the World


[W96] The Wrestling Season (Russian manuscript)

[W87] The Wright Brothers First Flight (manuscript)

[W88] Wuthering Heights

[Y03] Yearbook: The High School Musical

[Y22] Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus

[Y11] The York Nativity Play

[Y19] You Can't Get There From Here

[Y18] You Can't Trust the Male

[Y17] You Caught Me Dancing

[Y16] You Don't Have to Die

[Y15] You Don't See Me

[Y23] You Have the Right to Remain Dead

[Y21] You Have to Serve Somebody

[Y13] You Were Born on a Rotten Day

[Y14] You'll Find the Magic (Rumpelstiltskin)

[Y12] You, the Jury

[Z10] Zara or Who Killed the Queen of the Silent Screen?

[Z11] The Zero Sum Mind

[Z20] Zink: the Myth, the Legend, the Zebra (large cast version)

[Z12] Zink: the Myth, the Legend, the Zebra

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