Directing Scene Selections F52

SDC List of Scenes for 2020

1.     Indecent by Paula Vogel  TCG.  P. 56-67.  Beginning with Madje: “Husband, that was Lemml on the phone”; ending with Asch “If you get this, will you please respond.”  2 women, 3men – doubling roles.

2.     References to Salvidore Dali Make Me Hot by Jose Rivera.  TCG. P. 20-33.  Beginning with “Cat and Coyote howl in heat” to Mati'n: “You're incontinent.  Shakespeare said” 3 men, 2 women

3.     Harlem Duet by Djanet Sears, Scirrocco Drama.  P. 64-74. Beginning with Magi: “And you know what he says…!” to Othello:  “My skin is not me.” 2 women, 1 man

4.     Spring Break DOS MIL QUINCE by Diana Grisanti.  In Humana Festival 2015: The Complete Plays, Playscripts.  p. 42-47.  Entire play.   5 men, 4 woman

5.     Old Flame by Mia Gibson.  In Off Off Broadway Festival Plays, 38th Series, Samuel French, p. p. 35-45.  Entire Play.  2 women, 2 men.

6.     A Map of Virtue by Erin Courtney.  In The Downtown Anthology, Playscripts. p. 19-28.  Beginning with Bird Statue: “In the Middle of the Night….” To “See-eyed.”  2 women, 3 men.  (single script also available on

7.     Phoebe in Winter by Jen Silverman.  In The Downtown Anthology, Playscripts. p. 19-28.  Beginning with Boggett: “Not the Liam you were expecting!” to “ Lights flicker into darkness.” (single script also available on

8. The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov adapted by David Mamet. Grove Press, p. 78-84. Beginning with Irina: "Yes, really, our Andrei has lost weight." to Andrei: "No...'income'" 4 women (one non-speaking), 2 men (+recorded voice of man singing)

9.     Uncommon Women and Others by Wendy Wasserstein.  Dramatist Play Service.  P. 44-49, scenes 6-7.  Beginning with Man's Voice: “The college maintains that along with knowledge….” To “slides the raccoon coat over her head.  Music swells, lights fad out.” 1 man voice over, 5 women.

10. Go.Please.Go by Emily Feldman; script acquired for restricted use for SDC only from Kelly Quinnett by emailing A couple decides: This isn't working. He says he'll leave, and then he doesn't. He stays and stays, through 70 years of marriages, bar mitzvahs, baptisms and funerals. A contemporarty take on Our Town.

11. Jump by Charly Evon Simpson, script NPX Jump is about flickering lights, vapes that fall from the sky, old homes, and a young woman who finds solace on a bridge.