National KCACTF Awards for Theatrical Design Excellence, Allied Design and Technology Awards, and the National KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship

Purpose: The purpose of the KCACTF presentation and response is to provide outstanding student designers, technicians, and stage managers with the opportunity to showcase their work at regional festivals, where they will receive valuable feedback from professionals working in the field. Each of the eight KCACTF regions will select designers (scenic, costume, lighting, and sound) and stage management participants to attend the National KCACTF Festival. They will also select eight allied design and technology national finalists to attend the United States Institute for Theatre Technology Conference (USITT).

Entries: Any school entering at least one associate or participating production during the festival calendar year (January through December of the year before the festival) will be allowed limitless number of Design, Technology, and Management entries from their season for the KCACTF Awards for Theatrical Design Excellence, KCACTF Allied Design and Technology Award, and/or the KCACTF Stage Management Fellowship Program. All entries must have been realized and produced at their home institution during the calendar year previous to the regional festival.

All student designers, technicians, and stage managers must be enrolled as an undergraduate, graduate, or continuing part-time student at a college or university at the time of the production they are entering.

Participation: At the time of show response registration, entering schools when possible will provide the student nominees name, entry category, cell phone, and email contact. Student designer, technicians, and stage managers are responsible for their own festival registrations, DTM registration, and other forms. Participants must attend their regional festival, display their supporting materials and documentation, and attend response sessions. A team of theatre design, technology, and stage management respondents will serve as selection panelists and respond to the projects naming one National finalist in scenery, costumes, lighting, sound, stage management, and allied design and technology.

Additional Opportunities: There may be additional award opportunities available from your region. Regions have awards for non-realized design projects. It is the intent of this opportunity for students to receive feedback on their work. This work must have been completed by an undergraduate, graduate or continuing part-time student at a college or university at the time of the production they are entering and may not have been produced at the student's home institution. See the individual KCACTF regional websites for more information about what your region offers.

Guidelines: Students will present those materials, which most clearly tell the story of the process, evolution, and art of the design. Supporting materials that have proven most useful include combinations of the following: production photographs, a design statement in outline form, research images, preliminary sketches, white models, color models, color sketches, drafting including sections, recording of sound cues and manipulations that lead to those compositions, design bibles, story boards, costume plates, fabric and trim swatches, costume plot, cue synopsis, tracking sheets, and the like. This is in no way meant to be a definitive list. Choose elements that best articulate and document the conceptual approach, process, and the production. Please refer to the video at the DTM Homepage

Benefits: National KCACTF finalists are eligible for several professional development opportunities that will be announced at the national festival awards ceremony and in the days that follow.